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You are passionate about adding value to the world;

You want to develop your leadership and communication skills;

You want to discover your passions, talents and wisdom;

You want to grow into the leader they are meant to be:

You Came to the Right Place!

I am Rosalie Puiman, transformational leadership coach, focusing on authentic leadership and connected & courageous communication. I support passionate professionals and leaders all over the world to connect to their innate wisdom and leadership skills to grow into the leader they are meant to be.
I believe there’s a new leadership paradigm for the 21st century. One focusing on connection as the most powerful leadership tool. Connection to yourself and connection to others.

There’s many different forms of leadership: you can lead others in a formal job, but you can also lead others in an informal situation, where you inspire and influence people mainly because you are YOU.  Then there’s personal leadership, which is basically leading yourself. By that I mean that you take charge of your life and consciously decide where you want your energy to flow and what to focus on.

Maybe you don’t even consider yourself to be a leader yet. But I’m convinced that you are one and I am here to support you in the discovery process.

So let’s dive into some of my free content & resources.

My content and products are basically split into 3 topics,

personal leadership | courageous communication | courage & service,

because these are the essential building blocks for being a great leader.

Leadership is

about personal power & self knowledge
about exquisite communication skills
about being inspirational, courageous
& of service

The other 10% is other stuff, like management skills and content.

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