What If You Wouldn't Need Others to Feel Liked?
What If You Wouldn't Be So Critical Of Yourself Anymore?
What If You Could React Compassionately to Your Mistakes?

Most of us, we do better when we're treated with kindness, respect and compassion.

And most of us, we're pretty good at giving kindness, respect and compassion to others. Think about it, when some tells you about a mistake they made, what do you say? You probably comfort them and reassure them everything will be fine.

But do we extent that kindness to ourselves?

No! Instead, we treat ourselves in a way we wouldn't even treat our enemies.

We say horrible things to ourselves. We withhold our trust. We criticize, we nagg, we complain.
We all have reasons for that. Different ones, but surprisingly similar too. Many have to do with being scared of not fitting in. Of not being accepted. Of people not liking us if they would know who we really are.

These fears are real and very familiar to so many of us.

But honestly: they don't really do us any good. They don't make us be liked.

What they really do, is make that gorgeous person YOU really are, hide inside, instead of sharing all it's gifts and talents with the world.

What If You Would Talk to Yourself The Way You Talk to Your Friends?

What Is The 30 Day Self Love Challenge?

The 30 Day Self Love Challenge is all about, well, yes: self love, self compassion and self appreciation.

We're setting out on a journey to improve on all these by challenging ourselves to
a) listen to a guided meditation daily (10-20 min)
b) do something kind, loving or appreciative FOR OURSELVES each day.

The challenge is 30 days. And I DO realize that's quite a lot. And I DID hear about research that showed 21 days is enough to form a new habit. And YET, I made the challenge 30 days. This is because I know that a full month not only sets a good habit, it also reinforces it.

And that's what we're aming at: a strong habit to be kind, loving and appreciative towards ourselves, so that we feel safe enough to start showing everything we can be.

About Me

I'm passionate about leadership, courageous communication and personal development. I've combined these three into work I truly love: supporting passionate, talented people in being more effective in communicating with others, trusting their intuition and growing into authentic leaders.

I offer 1:1 coaching, tailored training programs & a powerful online program, Grow into Yourself, that’ll get you to your passion and purpose. I also write and speak on my favorite subjects.

Self love has been challenging for me. Being the recovering pleaser that I am, I struggle with the concept that I'm good enough just as I am. When I came up with this Self Love Challenge, it was because I realized I needed to work on my self compassion and self acceptence. I felt obstructed: physically, mentally and emotionally. Only 7 days into the challenge, I saw clear improvement on all levels. That was when I realized this challenge's power and the need to share it with you.

Join me in the Challenge to transform your Inner Critic into an Inner Friend!

What to Expect

So, Are You With Me?

I'm ready to transform my Inner Critic into an Inner Friend

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