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Self Acceptance & Self Worth

What if you just KNEW you were on the right path?

yes please!

"Am I making the right decisions?"
"I wish I could be more like them"
"What if I just knew what's the best way for my kid?"

Is that you? Have you wondered how to know if you’re on the right path? (without consulting a psychic, that is).

Or are you angry for doubting yourself and for not listening to your intuition?

For struggling with making decisions or not knowing who you really are?


  • search left & right for answers, spending hundreds on self help books & therapy
  • spend way too much time going back & forth over any decision
  • have a gazillion things on your ‘to change list’
  • doubt your intuition (maybe you even wonder if you have intuition)
  • have no real hobbies or quirky fun things to share about yourself
  • don’t know what makes you special

and what's worse:

You project your doubts onto your relationship, your parenting and your leadership;

it’s hard to give to others from a genuine place, because you feel so hollowed out yourself;

you feel you’re not really connected to others (because you’re not actually connected to yourself).

I know what that’s like.


Because I was right there. I doubted myself for the most part of 4 decades. And I’m not kidding.

The thing with self acceptance & self trust is that it’s not so easily learned. It’s not a matter of just repeating affirmations (I bet you’ve figured that one out on your own). It’s not one of those things you ‘just take some coaching on’.

It requires something to shift, really deep inside yourself.

You know what changed everything?

this really weird & confusing image

My Human Design Blueprint

Knowing my Human Design blueprint changed my life.
Knowing the Human Design blueprint of my husband & our kids, changed my life twice over.

The thing with Human Design is, once you get over the weirdness of it and actually take a little time to understand what it’s telling you, there’s no way back. It just makes sense.

It’s not that all the things it tells you are news. On the contrary, many things your Human Design explains, you already knew.


and here’s the real value, your blueprint is unique. And everyone else’s blueprint is unique. And because of that, it gives you FULL PERMISSION to be unapologetically YOU.

What I mean is that because you are you, and I am me, and we are so immensely different in our blueprints (hello weird image), it makes total sense that you need to do things in YOUR way, and I need to do them in MINE. Does that makes sense?

After Human Design there’s no more comparing. There’s no self doubt. You’ll just know that you’re you, and that that’s just the absolute best.

Knowing your blueprint will give you ideas on how to move your quirks & talents upwards to higher a vibrational expression. It will show you how to make most of what you got.

But it will not tell you to change.

In my coaching model, Human Design is an important part of phase 1: KNOW WHO YOU ARE. That’s why I offer it as a way to deepen your self awareness, gain more self acceptance & – finally – acquire some much deserved self worth.

How I can help you unlock the power of Human Design: