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Create real & lasting Results

Team Journeys that bring cooperation, transparant communication, accountability & results

Results are a result...

In their day-to-day leadership, most leaders tend to focus on making things happen. You try to support your team in making the right decisions and working together to get to the results you’ve set (together, obviously).

But: results only happen when a few other things are in place: trust, healthy conflict, commitment and accountability come before we can ever expect results.

I offer team journeys to guide your team through the different stages of the Lencioni model, growing trust, healthy conflict, commitment and accountability, so that you can get them to the results you’re after.

Our Journeys

Every team journey is custom designed for your organisation & your people. I don’t believe in cookie cutter, so before we set out, we first explore what your team needs to grow.

However, it’s good to know that most dysfunctional teams need tweaking on at least 2-3 segments and clear, open communication is most often part of the transition needed.

My experience is around ownership, accountability, open communication, conflict skills and trust in complex settings.

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