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When you & your partners started your company a couple of years ago, the goals were clear: get the product out there & get an huge amount of clients. Make a success of the company.
And you succeeded! The product is a hit & your company is growing fast. There’s been investors & maybe even a series B.
With the growth come some new challenges too. There’s many more employees, who turn out to not always share you work ethics. Maybe you made some mistakes in hiring, maybe people are asking for benefit plans.
Also, it turns out you and your partners have different leadership styles. You might not all like to manage or maybe some of you are just bad at it.
There might be some communication issues between you. Some topics are avoided; some struggles are fought.

All these are very common challenges amongst founding teams and they are very much solvable.
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Maaike de Reuver

When a whole team is committed to the work we’re doing, you can be sure ‘a Change is gonna Come’, and the vibrant energy in fast growing companies makes improvment within reach.

How it works

In the first 1-3 weeks, I’ll visit you a couple of times, so I can get to know the company, the people and the challenges you face. Based on that, I suggest a course of action.
Every team has their own issues and their own solution. I always focus on the people: getting the right people on board, get everyone back to doing what they’re good at, improving communications between them.

My expertise is in leadership development, HR, recruiting, communications & company culture.

It’s hardly ever necessairy to make big structural changes, but these can sometimes help to process along.
Through all that, the outcome of the group will reach new heights.
Needless to say, I don’t interfere with your business model or your products.

Get started now

Team work is really specific to your situation. Please contact me and we’ll digg into it!
Please note that team work outside of the Netherlands is only done in (very) special situations.

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