You are ready to really acknowledge your talents and power.
You are ready to really build your life around what makes you so amazing.
You are ready to really impact the world.

If you are - come and join me in a one-day Private Intensive
and we'll make Powerful Change happen!

What is a private intensive?

A one day private intensive is an amazing way to make powerful change happen.

Both of us will block the entire day (10pm-5pm) to work together on any topic you select. Of course, I can help you get clear on what it is exactly that would have the most impact in your life. The day is ours to co-create.

During our time together, I'll use coaching and teaching to support you in your discovery process.

What to expect

An intensive is completely focused on you and the impact you want to have in the world.

We'll meet at Pand 020, a beautiful, inspirational location in the Westerpark in Amsterdam. On your arrival there will be (gluten free) pastry and coffee from the Bakkerswinkel to start our day.

I design the program for our day together depending on you what you want to achieve. I'll alternate some teaching (of models and concepts) with powerful deep coaching.

At lunch time, we'll take a stroll to one of the Westerpark's many cafe's and have a healthy and wholesome lunch. Personally, I cannot go without food and drinks for an hour (really!), so I'll make sure to bring plenty of snacks and unlimited tea, coffee and water.

After lunch, we'll continue working together for another couple of hours, and around 5 pm, we'll say our goodbyes.

A private intensive is result oriented and powerful. It is also safe and fun.

About me

I support people in going from being 'successful’

to being outright amazing.

It’s my ‘superpower’ to see the highest potential in YOU, even when you cannot see it yourself yet.

On a daily basis, I help people recognize what it is they are just absolutely GREAT at and then build their lives around it.

When working with me, people radically improve their lives and the impact they have on the world.

I'm passionate about leadership, courageous communication and personal development.

When I (finally!) found my biggest strengths, I combined these three into work I truly love
- and that's what I want for you too!

Our investments

A powerful day like this doesn't just happen. We make it happen.

I know investing in yourself can be a little scary and challenging. I've been there - and every time I'm paying for an intensive, a course or to work with a coach, I'm there again.

Every year since I started working, I've invested deeply in my personal development, both emotionally and financially. I've spent 10 thousands of euros on coaches and training programs.
And to tell you the truth: It was and it still is absolutely worth it.

The fact that I can now confidently tell you what it is that I bring to the world, is a direct result of that. I couldn't have figured it out without all the personal growth work I've done.

The reason I'm telling you this, is because I know I'm asking you to make a firm commitment to yourself and this process.
The investment for this Private Intensive is € 1.050 (if your company pays, we'll add VAT).

Both of us will go all in during the day itself. I'll come fully prepared and with my energy soaring. I expect the same of you. I'll support you in your process of self discovery and rebuilding whatever needs rebuilding in your life.

Are you ready to REALLY make that change?

If you are, this is for you. I've opened up 3 days for Private Intensives this fall:
November 5, November 19 and December 3 (all Thursdays).

Next to my speaking and teaching engagements and my work with 1:1 clients, I only want to do these 3 Intensives this fall.

So if you feel this is your time to step up your game, make your move. Reach out today and we'll make it happen.

Do you want to discover what an intensive could do for you?
Let's connect!

I’ll set up a free, 1 hour skype call to help you get clear what your goals are & to discuss what I could do to support you with those. There are NO strings attached. If you decide it’s not for you, that’s absolutely fine.

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