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What if you no longer needed to avoid difficult conversations,

because you no longer
hated conflict?

Conflict is part of life.

No really, Hear me out!

Conflict is part of life, if you want to live a life
of integrity, openheartedness and truth.
If you avoid conflict, you avoid speaking your mind.
you avoid being honest
you avoid asking for what you need

Because conflict just means that two people disagree on something.

And the only way to avoid conflicts,

is to always hide how you feel,

swallow your truth

and overall just stay quiet.


And that, my darling, cannot be how you want to live.


The ultimate, step-by-step system
to be a better listener, speaker &
resolve conflicts with ease & grace

How does PAUSE work?

PAUSE is a failproof system that gives you all the training and tools you need to express your opinions in a way that makes you feel confident, creates connection and doesn’t cause fighting.

You get…

Step-by-step video training that shows exactly how to engage in difficult conversations

Powerful exercises to instantly transform how you approach conflict

Done-for-you scripts to fall back on

Live Q&A coaching calls with Rosalie

Is PAUSE right for me?

If you want to be able to speak your mind in a constructive way, without creating more problems than you already have, then yes!

PAUSE is for all people who struggle with conflict - for any reason, but who know that conflict is sometimes necessary. PAUSE is for people who are done holding their tongue and who want to find a way to speak up & speak out, without burning bridges and breaking bonds.

Who teaches PAUSE?

Rosalie Puiman is the author of the bestselling book on constructive conflict, The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution.

She’s convicted – through decades of lived experience – that conflict is an essential part of healthy relationships, both at home & at work, but as a classic case of ‘people pleasing’ she never learned how to engage effectively until she was nearly 40…

Yeah, well, that doesn’t have to be you. Because Rosalie developed a way to handle conflict that isn’t difficult or scary, nor does it break relationships you don’t want broken.

Rosalie was an interim manager in the Dutch government for nearly a decade before she started her coaching business in 2013. Over the past years she has coached scores of leaders & entrepreneurs with a focus on self leadership, communication and handling conflict.

PAUSE launches end of Q1 with a live round!
(includes live Q&A sessions)