Energy Workshop

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One day event on January 29th that will kick start your new year!

This Mini Retreat is for busy people who want to reconnect with themselves.

Would you like to know how to ‘set’ your energy every day so you will get the most out of yourself (without having to spend at least an hour in the gym or on a meditation cushion)?

Would you like to learn to work with your emotion without being overwhelmed by them? 

Then this workshop is for you!

I guide you to different ways to raise your energy and feel better, often really really fast.

There will be individual attention as well as the opportunity to practise together.
The program will evolve from the questions and topics that come up during the day, using techniques from Kundalini Yoga, guided meditation and 5Rythms.

Because you can experience the effects of each of these approaches on you, it will be easier afterwards to upgarde or start your personal practice.

Because really, spending just 10 minutes a day on your self and your energy system, will have an enormously positive effect on your effectiveness, mood and self awareness.

So do this for yourself. Learn powerful ways to reset & raise your energy so you can achieve your goals and be the best version of you.

Location is Centre De Roos, Vondelpark, Amsterdam, time: 10 am – 4.30 pm

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