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I’m so excited that you are here! Because the fact that you found your way to this place, means you are ready to take action to step into your full potential.

I know this can be a scary and uncertain place. What used to work, works no longer. But I can tell you: that’s how it’s supposed to be. You know the saying! ‘What got you here, won’t get you there’, and that is so true. I am all about supporting you on your journey towards full ownership of your life. I call that Sovereignty.

Here you’ll find a couple of ways to start your journey: one free, two very affordable, one high end. Wherever you find yourself today, I want you to know it IS possible to start. And I am here to support you.

Much love,

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Feeling a bit tired & overwhelmed?

Free download

You may have heard a lot about meditation. For example, that meditation is one of the only proven, non-medical ways to lower your stresslevel. I know for many it is a bit of hurdle to actually get a meditation practice started. And if you have, maybe you are constantly searching for new meditations that will actually support you in the things you are looking for.

That’s why I have compiled this free meditation kickstarter, which offers five mindset shifts that will change your relationship to meditation (even if you’ve tried & failed, only have 5 minutes a day or hate sitting in lotus position).

This free PDF includes links to 3 free guided meditations: one to get grounded and centred, one to release overwhelm and one on self validation (which in my opinion is one of the most overlooked leadership skills!).

Mindful Conflict Resolution

Rosalie’s Book

One of the most challenging things in life is to be able to speak your truth while at the same time maintaining deep connection with others. Most of my clients at one point come to me with questions about having the conversations that matter most, both at work and privately.

That’s why The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution came to be.

It offers the PAUSE approach to conflict resolution, and is a practical guide to managing difficult conversations in many different situations.

Want support in your leadership?

Inner Circle: monthly membership

You know you have it in you to bring out the best in your team and the company, but you also hear that nagging little voice inside, asking if this is really it.  “Shouldn’t I do more? Be more?”

May be you wonder: ‘If I want to leave the world a better place, is this the path that will make it so?”But independence and impact come from self knowledge,
self awareness, and self validation.

That’s why invite you to join The Sovereign Leader Inner Circle, a monthly membership programs that offers community, monthly group support and ongoing new content on leadership and self development.

Leadership Coaching

Work with Rosalie 1:1

Are you ready to go all the way?

Is it time to really make a difference in the way you live, love and work?

This may be the right time for you to jump into one of my exclusive private coaching journeys. After filling in the application form, you will be contacted for a one-on-one exploration call with me, to see if we are a fit.

I look forward to speaking with you!