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Learn the four essential steps to creating ànd living your Sovereign Life

What you'll learn in these free webinars:

In these webinars, we take you through the Sovereign Self Cycle, a model based on years of experience working with leaders all over the world. We've seen that to live a life that's fully aligned with your power and purpose, each of us goes through four phases: understanding of self, searching for purpose, releasing the hold of our past, and aligning the future.

Truth & Authenticity

In the first webinar we focus on the power of Self Awareness. We share why it is so important to get a full understanding of your own inner working, to be more effective and impactful.

Passion & Purpose

In this webinar, we discuss the power of knowing your passion & your purpose, and we take you through a powerful practice to take steps to find yours.

Letting Go & Resilience

This phase of the Sovereign Self Cycle is all about attracting and maintaining what works for you, what gives you energy, and about releasing what is no longer serving you.

Personal Presence & Power

This last phase is focused on stepping out into the world and build deep connections to others. Speaking and living your truth, while being open, sincere, and curious.

Your hosts:

Maaike Pieters and Rosalie Puiman are both certified transformational presence coaches. Maaike is also an astrologer, which brings depth to our programs in a beautiful and powerful way. Rosalie brings Thetahealing to the table, which allows for immediate insights and healing on a spiritual level. Between them, they have a ton of valuable wisdom and experience in authentic leadership and mindful communication.

Rosalie and Maaike have been working together for years and are sisters of the soul.

Their combined energy is grounded, warm, open and deep, creating an atmosphere of safe transformation.