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Lutz Obermann

Since I started working with Rosalie, I resolved inner-company conflicts with other parties of the management team, improved my communication skills and got an excellent evaluation of the perception of myself from an outsider’s perspective.

Training with her is very direct, problem-oriented, uncomplicated, condensed and meaningful. I t will help you by getting an elaborate second opinion and view on your work and it will help with the challenges you face.

I highly recommend Rosalie as a coach and advisor to C- and VP-level management of pretty much any company.

Lutz Obermann | VP Sales & Marketing Europe | Dating Factory | Germany


Mai Cha

Rosalie is a free spirit. She thinks in possibilities instead of limitations. It’s great to speak to someone who really listens first and then helps you evolve to the next level, instead of backwards or even a standstill. Rosalie is just, and driven to get results. She never loses sight of the people involved. She analyses from what she intuitively knows and works from there. It’s very strong that in this, she’s still able to keep track of what’s reasonable and attainable.

Mai- Cha Suer | Senior Advisor  | FM Haaglanden, Ministery of the Interior | The Hague, the Netherlands


Rosalie has an entrepreneurial spirit. She’s courageous and thinks out of the box. She’s able to find ways in places where others might never notice or imagine to look. Rosalie establishes and builds relationships quickly, networks, finds and encourages good in friends and peers.

Ramona Porime Harvey | Senior Manager of Consumer Insights Research | eBay, Inc. | San Francisco, USA



Rosalie is a very grounded person and therefore I always really appreciate her advice (on anything) and take it very seriously. She’s a very outward looking person and wants to help people. I really appreciate her being a very good listener and genuinely caring about people.

She’s trust-worthy, which is why I (and probably other people) really open up to her. She’s not judgemental yet she gives very honest feedback (formulated as her opinions and not as judgements).

Kim Taylor | Manager Global Sales | Acta clean energy products | Pisa, Italia



Rosalie really listens first and then responds. You won’t get cookie cutter answers or platitudes! She’s strong and encourages others to be so as well. Also, Rosalie is very centered. As long as I have known her, her point of view generally adds clarity on some of the most difficult situations I have encountered in business and life.

John Apesos | Managing Director | Simbicity | Amsterdam, the Netherlands



Rosalie has very passionate about what she does, both in her working as in her private life. One can only be a leader when she discovers her own passions, and Rosalie took that step. That, combined with her extended experience in leading teams, makes her a great coach, as she understands both personal and organizational dynamics.

Rosalie has the ability to see more than words can say. She works from her intuition, with passion and drive. She can be very kind, sweet even, but she can also shoot straight from the heart. If you have the guts for that, she will bring you many new insights.

Maike Simmes | People & Organizational Development Manager | The New Motion | Amsterdam, the Netherlands