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Fears are a powerful sign.
Fears signal what’s most important to you.
And they signal you that you’re about to step outside your comfort zone

Here’s how that works:

Our rational mind is set up to keep us safe.
The way it does that, is by taking experiences from the past and calculating risks & possible solutions.
What it comes up with is always a variety on the same theme: stay put.
Because your brain knows how to handle the current situation – been there, done that. So that’ll keep you safe

So when you’re about to do something new, anything new, your brain will come up with compelling reasons why you shouldn’t do that, because:
new thing = uncertain = unsafe

And these compelling reasons are tailor-made, meaning your brain will serve you your biggest fears on a platter to make sure you stay put.

Personal example: now that I’m finally able to buy that grown-up house that I’ve been manifesting for a decade, my brain is (vividly) reminding me of my fear to lose my children – deep seated, primal fear – and it tailors it to this new house scenario: ‘in this big house you won’t see you’re children, which will lead to disconnect and maybe other really bad things. Don’t buy the house’

See? This is how it works.

And this is why you can acknowledge a fear, and maybe take a few concrete actions steps (but only when they can be done right away) but are not signs to stop what you were planning to do.
✨ See your fears & do it anyway!

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