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Like me, you may have woken up to changes that shook you to the core.
LIke me, you may have felt despair. Sadness. Grief, even.

Like me, you may feel the world as we know it has been changing rapidly in the past months. And like me, you may have felt the shift in power, in what is still our worlds most powerful nation, is a deeply saddening result of that.

In this moment, what keeps popping up in my mind is the wisdom we all share:

Only Light can drive out darkness. And only Love can drive out hate. 

We all know this, yet in times like this it is so easy to reinforce that which we do NOT want. To full on step into the drama and the madness of it all by drowning ourselves in news feeds, talking and thinking about how horrible it is and what this could lead to.

There defintely is a sense of comfort in outing our confusion, shock and sadness, and in talking to people who share our beliefs and feelings.

But this comfort comes at a high price.

I know that what I am about to ask you is a lot, it is hard. Other people may not immediately understand.
But I know you have the strength for it, so I ask it anyway.

For all of us, please really BE the change you wish to see in the world.
Please give your power and energy to goodness, positivity and love today and in the times ahead.
Please reinforce that which you want to grow, and not that which you want to die away.

Consciously choose, in every moment of the day, to support light.
To support love. Choose it, over and over again.

I know doing this will not make the challenges we face go away.
But it will help us get back up and move forward into a direction we choose instead of a direction last night’s election pushed us into.

Let’s unite in love and light and ask each moment how it needs us to BE and what it wants us to DO, in order for us – together – to replace that which we no longer want in our world with what we do want.


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