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Let’s talk descision making!

Have you ever experienced that you’ve been trying to solve a problem, but got stuck.
In this video I share with you a brilliant, very simple method to get unstuck and make better descisions.

The Yurika method is a way for your mind to consciously tap into the problem solving capabilities of your unconscious.

The 4 steps to do this are quite simple:

1) Write down any open-ended question. It can be related to work or you private life, it really doesn’t matter.
2) Take 1-4 hours of incubation time. Go and do something that is low demanding. Take your conscious mind of the problem, but leave your unconscious mind free to do it’s magic.
3) Sit down with your writing material and call for the answer: literaly say something like ‘What do you have for me’.
And then, just start writing
4) Practice! this something you’ll get better at when you train.

I hope you’ll try it out!

Please tell me about your experience in the comment area below.
You can watch Lee Zlotoff talk about the Yurika method here.


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