Why Venture Coaching

When you & your partners started your company a couple of years ago, the goals were clear: get the product out there & get an huge amount of clients. Make a success of the company.


And you succeeded! The product is a hit & your company is growing fast. There’s been investors & maybe even a series B.


With the growth come some new challenges too.

There’re many more employees, who turn out to not always share you work ethics.

Maybe you made some mistakes in hiring, maybe people are asking for benefit plans.


Also, it turns out you and your partners have different leadership styles.

You might not all like to manage or maybe some of you are just bad at it.
There might be some communication issues between you.

Some topics are avoided; some struggles are fought.

These are very common challenges amongst founding teams and luckily they are very much solvable.

Different Ways to Work With Me

Future Search

Create a tangible, actionable plan for your next business fase using a technique that’s based on the work of Harvard Professor Otto Scharmer. A Future Search is a powerful instrument to connect on a deep, meaningful level and research the future.

A future search takes at least 1 day (depending on how concrete you want to the plans to get) and leaves you with the next steps to get to the deeper vision you share. Using a Future Search helps you come up with much more creative plans and solutions than other processes do.

One of the elements of this method I appreciate most is the powerful combination between different viewpoints, intuitive knowledge and practical steps into the future.
Highly recommended for teams who want to move into the future together.

Venture Coaching

In partnership with investor and entrepreneur Eiso Vaandrager, I offer tailor made venture coaching for start ups & scale ups.

Venture Coaching focuses on both the structural and financial challenges of your business ànd on you and the people in your business.

Eiso Vaandrager is a multi-passionate futurist and a highly experienced Venture Capital investor and entrepreneur. Among much more, he brings business knowledge and his creative and future oriented mind to the table, while I focus on everything related to leadership, communication and transparency within the team. He is also my husband!

Contact us for a conversation on how we can be of service to you and your business.

Courageous Conversation

At some point it can get challenging to have meaningfull conversations with your business partners. What made you such a complementary team in the early days, makes it hard to find common ground today.

I can help you understand each other again, by facilitating a conversation in which the main goal is to regain partnership.

Contact me to discuss options.

What people say about working with me

Six months after my coaching with Rosalie, I wake up every day feeling happy to go to work. I do what I like to do, reset my goals and every day I look ahead at a future that is mine to design. If you want to change your life, you might have to make some though choices, and in this process, Rosalie kept me on track of what I really wanted.

Rik Snelleman

Coaching with Rosalie was a valuable experience for me. The sessions with her gave me many insights and awareness of patterns and involuntary behaviour, helping me to change these around.

Martine ten Ham

Since I started working with Rosalie, I resolved inner-company conflicts with other parties of the management team and improved my communication skills.
I highly recommend Rosalie as a coach and advisor to C- and VP-level management of pretty much any company.

Lutz Obermann

Rosalie really listens first and then responds. You won’t get cookie cutter answers or platitudes! She’s strong and encourages others to be so as well. Also, Rosalie is very centered. As long as I have known her, her point of view adds clarity on some of the most difficult situations I have encountered in business and life.

John Apesos

It’s great to speak to someone who really listens first and then helps you evolve to the next level, instead of backwards or even a standstill.

Mai Cha Suer


All programs on this page are tailor made.

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