Once I realised that creating the life I truly wanted was all about

a) knowing who I am and what I want


b) appreciating, valuing and loving myself enough to be my own primary support system,

I quit my job out and started my own business:

creating the sovereign life I had been jealous of before.

These 2 self-study course

help you get to that point too – in the fast lane

Grow into Yourself


Who you are & What you want

30 day Self Love Challenge


Love and Appreciate Yourself

Grow into Yourself is a step-by-step program
that will help you get back in touch with yourself,
your talents, your dreams and your future.

In 4 comprehensive modules we cover 4 essential steps to building your dream life:

How did I become who I am today?
What makes me unique?
Who am I really?
What can I contribute to the world?

Aligning you to create the life you really want.

The 30 Day Self Love Challenge is designed to make you aware of the gremlins that keep you from fully appreciating and loving yourself for who you are.

In 30 days you’ll learn to be aware of all the negative chatter about you that’s going on inside and finally stop it forever.

Without taking this step, big chance you’ll be depending on others to validate and encourage you. And that’s ok sometimes.

But if you want to live your OWN truth and create a life on your own terms, you shouldn’t depend on others for those essentials.

Learning to be autonomous and value yourself for who you are and what you do, means finally getting ready to own your story, your power and live your life on your terms.

Since I did Grow into Yourself, I am much more aware of my thoughts and feelings. I am moving towards acceptance of these and myself in general. I especially liked the meditations a lot! I recommend Grow into Yourself to anyone who’s unclear about their professional or personal goals.
Thank you, Rosalie!

Melissa Ruggles

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Thank you for the fantastic 30 day challenge and your amazing approach to self love! 

It has been a great and positive addition to my life. 

Rosie Martinez-Dekker

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Since starting the Challenge I feel so much more ‘me’. More calm, in sync, vital. Think I am tapping more into my life energy, and therefore love. My boyfriend has confirmed me this more than once since I’ve started this Challenge. Thank you so much!

Stephanie Canu

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Since doing the 30 Day Challenge, I am more forgiving towards myself… So no need of material cuddles as much as before. Shopping has become a possible but less obsessive treat! Getting there! Thank you!!!

Marinella Leone 

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Thank you for this amazing program. You really changed my life for the better!

Kriszti P.

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I would like to just thank you so much for my daily inspirations for self-love, they have really been working. I feel so good and did not realize how amazing I am lol. I have been keeping up and look forward to your messages everyday, Thank you

Candice Woodland

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