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Often when I meet with new clients, we first discuss what coaching actually is. Because honestly, that’s not something we all know from the get-go.

Coaching has been around for a while, but there’s still a lingering doubt about wether it really works, if it may be for people who aren’t good at their work at all, or if it might be completely abstract and intangible.

I’m happy to say that the answer to all of these questions is a sound NO. Oh wait no, not to the first question, that answer is HELL YEAH!

How I work

I am a certified Transformational Presence Coach. This means that I’m skilled at helping you connect to your intuition and your subconscious, in addition to offering you tools to break through limiting beliefs and stuck-ness. I’ve written this short blog on TP-coaching in the past.

I work with people who have the courage to take ownership of their life. Who are willing to show their true colours in their work and private life and live a life that is aligned to their own truth.

I calls these people leaders. This doesn’t they all have a position where they lead others officially. I value all contribution in guiding & inspiring others. I also value self leadership – highly! We’re all here to shine, to bring value and support others.

My coaching supports you to embrace and activate the dormant parts in you. The parts that you may not fully see, or may not fully understand yet, but that keep knocking on your door (a.k.a. subconsciousness). Through this, you connect to who you really can be. In leadership & life.

The horizontal & the vertical

I like to divide the work that I do in ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’. The horizontal has to do with all the DOING. This part is more tangible, concrete. This is about being positively impactful in how you show up in the world. It’s about being a great delegator, empowering others. Being a wonderful communicator (I’ve written a book on this subject, so logically many people come to me for support in how they communicate and how they handle difficult conversations).

The horizontal is also about how you want to bring new insights to life (e.g. the once from our work in the vertical).

The vertical plane is a little less tangible. Here we work on the BEING. I believe that how you are is how you lead. What I mean by that is that the extent to which we understand, know and accept ourselves has an enormous impact on how we are as a leader, parent, partner, friend, teacher etc.

Uncovering and healing makes us less reactive, allowing us to respond in the way that supports our goals instead of lashing out because something old gets triggered. I believe we all need to work towards Sovereignty, a state in which we are whole and undivided, taking ownership of our power ànd our pain.

In the vertical, we also work on growing awareness and opening up to an understanding of life that may go beyond what you previously knew. Not everyone wants this, and that’s ok. I meet you where you are.

Coaching topics

So, what challenges make good coaching topics?

Many, and maybe all, but let’s make it concrete.

Horizontal topics are for example anything related to how you communicate. Any difficult or important conversations can be prepared in coaching. Other great topic are any challenges in delegating (to your kids or your team ;)), or how to deal with remote working/added workload/growing teams/new colleagues/a difficult boss etc etc.

Vertical topics can be related to questions around purpose (Why do I do what I do? Why am I here?), working with a feeling of not-enough, or not-fulfilled. Limiting beliefs or freezing when the next big step comes up. Any questions around spirituality, embodiment, handling emotions, self care, self love & self actualisation.

Also, see this Instagram post about great coaching questions.

How I am as a coach

Maybe the most important thing to know about me as a coach, is that I go deep. Shallow solutions, quick wins and tricks can be valuable sometimes, but they don’t give you what you’re looking for. I’ve spend my life experimenting with many different tools that I’ll gladly share and I’m a problem solver pure sang, but in the end, I want to uncover the truth of who you are.

As someone who reads energy easily and immediately, I connect to your highest potential in our work together. I often have a clear vision of where we’re supposed to go. In the time we spend together I hold that Idea and support you in finding your path there. In our sessions, I’ll be connected to the highest potential and bring through the information and the approach most helpful to you.

If you are curious for more about me, please read this about page and this manifest on how I do things as a coach.

The connection between autonomy & leadership

I’m in the coaching business to help grow autonomous, sovereign leaders. Not followers in Big Boss-clothes. I believe that we need to be free from our past, from reactiveness, and victimhood to make a positive impact in the world. My Sovereign Self model works as the foundational flow for any coaching program. Each phase inviting in the next. We go through the spiral of Sovereignty with each new insight and each new phase in life. Growing is never done.

Rosalie Puiman is the founder of The Sovereign Leader, The Sovereign Self and the author of The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution. She works with people and teams to bring forth effective, impactful and purpose-driven success.

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