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Imagine your life one year from today.

If you continue on your current path, what will your life look like?

Will you be closer to living your true desires? Or will you be stuck doing basically of the same things (and dealing with the same challenges) that take up your time and energy today?

Without support, most people put off what they truly want for ‘someday‘. Or they begin to work towards what they want and then burn out (from adding more and more to their already-full plate).

Imagine what it would be like to spend time with someone…

Who – like you – is fiercely committed to seeing you succeed.

Who is always there to remind you of your truth and your genius.

And who firmly kicks you in the butt when you seem to forget where you are headed.

That is exactly what I am offering you.


Even though I was very successful, I knew I wasn't really living up to my full potential. After working with Rosalie I know finally know where I am going and how I can truly contribute to the world.

Miranda Zwartjens, Nationale Nederlanden

I highly recommend Rosalie as a coach to C- and VP-level management of pretty much any company.

Lutz Obermann, Dating Factory

Working with Rosalie was an absolute milestone for me

Ramona Porime Harvey, Twitter

Rosalie works from her intuition, with passion and drive.

Maike Simmes, The New Motion

Rosalie thinks in possibilities instead of limitations.

Mai Cha Suer, Haaglanden FM

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