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I support passionate, and already successful people & organisations in breaking through the barriers that keep them from doing truly amazing things in the world.

Through transformative coaching and training, I help you go deeper, see clearer and transform where needed. My focus is on transparent & sincere communication and leadership development.

I want to create a better world by supporting leaders and their organisations to stand in their full power and create a lasting positive impact in the world.

Through empowering leaders to be connected & sincere, we positively impact the lives of thousands of people.

I work with people & organisations who want to have a big & positive impact in the world.

My clients are entrepreneurs, leaders, change agents or on the verge of becoming any (or all) of these. I work with people like YOU, who know they have a lot in store, and are looking for the best way to unleash their power.

"Rosalie is just really, really great at her job. We had a big breakthrough during our session with her. She’s a hero!"

− Charlotte van Leeuwen

"I would recommend Rosalie's program 'Grow into Yourself' to anyone who’s unclear about their professional or personal goals."

− Melissa Ruggles

"I highly recommend Rosalie as a coach to C- and VP-level management of pretty much any company."

− Lutz Obermann

"I highly recommend Rosalie as a coach and advisor to C- and VP-level management of pretty much any company."

− Lutz Obermann

"Rosalie's ability to really connect helped me cut right to the chaise."

− Astrid van Dijk

"I knew I wasn't using my full potential. I wanted to figure out what my big addition to the world was.

That mission is fully accomplished. I know where I need to go now and because it is so clear, I am able to give it the priority it deserves in my busy day to day life."

− Miranda Zwartjens

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