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I can help you
uncover your authentic power

and fearlessly live your

highest potential.

The Inner Circle is such a warm and open group of people! It is wonderful to have a place to share both professional and personal challenges without hesitation and to get insights and support from both Rosalie ànd the other members.

Erik van 't Padje

Director Bushcraftshop BV

The Sovereign Leader Inner Circle is the best investment I’ve made all year!

Scarlett Fajardo

Business Leader

The perfect way to stay aligned and continue your leadership development journey! The monthly lessons keep your goals top of mind and the community calls make me feel so supported in my journey. Highly recommended!

Anne Cramwinckel

Sustainable Change Maker



In-depth masterclasses & training with Rosalie

Rosalie shares a monthly leadership lesson on topics related to personal leadership and leading others. You'll have access to the entire database from day 1.

Active, supportive community

Our members are the BEST! It's so inspiring to see how our members support each other in our monthly community calls (Rosalie's there too ;))

Holistic Approach to leadership

Rosalie firmly believes in a holistic approach to leadership. The membership includes a growing database of meditations, breath work sessions, RTT practices and yoga classes.

I believe the world can be a wonderful place. And we all have our personal part to play in making it so.
You have come here for a reason. And that reason requires you to be the leader and master manifester you truly are.

So that’s where my purpose comes in.

I’m here to support people like you to really understand and embody their purpose. I activate leaders, lightworkers & change makers, help you grow your self awareness and consciousness to support the change you are here to make. I can also help you communicate and lead better, so these will fully align with who you really are.