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Hey there!


I believe the world can be a wonderful place. And we all have our personal part to play in making it so.
You're here for a reason. And that reason requires you to be the person, ànd the leader you truly are.

So that’s where I come in…

I’m here to support you & your organisation to become your best. I activate leaders, lightworkers & change makers. I help you grow your awareness and ownership to support the change you are here to make. I also help you communicate and lead better, so these will fully align with who you really are.

Rosalie's Story

These are the 4 things I believe every person ànd every organisation should know:

and after working with me,
you'll know them.

I work with leaders and their teams to help them change the world. I love to support those who want to do things their way: the rebels, the lightworkers. I focus on self awareness, personal ownership, communication & conflict skills and creating real & lasting results.

My coaching is not for the faint of heart, and it’s anything but a cookie-cutter approach. I see you deeply and take you on a journey of self discovery & empowerment.

Working with Rosalie is one of the most important things I have done in my life; she is a game changer.

Alex Bennett GrantCEO We are Pi

Working 1:1 with Rosalie was life changing.
I have gotten to know and develop myself on a level that I did not know was possible.

Kim TaylorCMO

Since working with Rosalie I know where I am headed. It’s so clear to me, that I am even able to prioritize it in my busy daily life as a business leader and a mother and partner.

Miranda Zwartjensbusiness leader

Highly recommended!!

Michiel S.Sr Manager
Set up your Chemistry Call

the Mindful Guide to
Conflict Resolution

The book to help you go from


difficult conversations

to embracing them

(Really! Pinky promise!)

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