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Since I started my business as a leadership coach, I get asked a lot about leadership: What is it, who can do it and how can I improve my leadership skills?
Also, I get asked a lot about coaching: What is it, why can you do it and can you coach me too?

So in this article I’m giving you my view on leadership and an insight in how I do what I do.


Leadership is…

I believe that, to be a strong and effective leader of others, you must truly understand, accept and appreciate your own strengths, weaknesses and purpose. True leadership comes from within, not from book knowledge or acquired skills.

Leadership is shown in your capacity to bring out the best in yourself and in others: combining personal strengths, self-awareness and the courage to really show up and be seen. Through this, leaders, together with their teams, add value to the world.

True leadership is Real, Sustainable, Just & Powerful.

Real: personal leadership, self-awareness and the courage to really show up and be seen, also in moments of doubt and vulnerability.

Sustainable: the realization that longer term goals and relationships are far more important to success than the quick wins.

Just: leaders understand the value of ‘doing the right thing’ even in though situations. They’re just to the people they work with, and to people far outside their direct reach.

Powerful: leaders accept that they don’t know everything and aren’t afraid of, or insecure about that. They are powerful because they lead from their core, speaking their truth and welcoming help and guidance.

Coaching is…

My work is to support people in developing of their leadership potential, both in leading others and in leading themselves. I coach, mentor and train, which ever is most appropriate and helpful at any given moment.

I ask the question behind the question. I mirror and confront. I challenge.

To guide people to their discoveries, I use my strong intuition and my core strengths:

Individualization (seeing the unique qualities in people),
Strategy (being able to quickly spot relevant patterns and issues),
Communication (nothing to add there :)),
Empathy (being able to sense the feelings of other people)
Adaptability (being able to take things as they come).
I work with C-levels managers, founders, civil servants, accomplished and aspiring leaders. Some of the people I work with are seeking, some know, but all of my clients are passionate about adding value to the world.

You can read more about me here and more about my way of coaching here.

So, what’s your view on leadership? Which essential traits does any good leader need? Add your voice to the discussion in the comment section below, I would love to hear your opinion!


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